Today was 4th and 5th grade, which have great teachers who are always up for whatever I’ve got and like to collaborate with me so that they can tie the project into what they are learning in regular ed too.  This project addressed the standard of 4th grade students being able to use 1 point perspective.  We may continue this later in the year so that they learn to add perspective to their landscapes OR do a cityscape using a birds eye view.

1 point perspective and a great job coloring it in.

1 point perspective and a great job coloring it in.


Pattern making lesson plan

by Autumn Bates

Grade Level: kinder-1

Supplies: paper, crayons, math manipulatives (the wooden geometric shapes that are painted colors, they have squares, diamonds, hexagons, etc)

Intro:  We revieved what a pattern is and they gave me an example of a pattern, which I drew on the board.  patterns are a big kinder standard that they are learning in their classrooms right now, so doing the lesson in the first month or two of school will really help reinforce what the classroom teacher is doing.

We make patterns on the board, they suggest shapes and colors and then copy the pattern (ABABAB) onto their paper too.  You can do the same shape and different colors, but I like to ask them what shape they would be if they were that color crayon so that they have different shapes and colors.

After making patterns on the paper, hand out buckets of manipulatives to the groups and practice making AB patterns (ex: square, diamond, square, diamond or blue, green, blue, green)

Because I saw so many students who just wanted to build with the manipulatives I went ahead and showed the more advanced kids how to create an all around, radiating pattern and about half the class really took off on that once they understood it.  The results were beautiful!

What I learned: Kinder’s are very kinesthetic, which is something I am not.  By allowing them to play with the manipulatives and make on their own for a bit I was able to move the lesson in a new direction that expanded their knowledge of patterns and allowed them to build and play at the same time.

Poor kidlets were so happy to have me take their pictures and I went and cropped their faces to protect their privacy…