6th grade students learn a lot about ancient civilizations.  Before the school year began I met with one of the 6th grade teachers and she outlined what civilization they would be learning about each month (or so) and we came up with projects for each meeting.  Currently the 6th graders are just beginning their foray into Ancient Egypt and we have lots of awesome lessons planned for that.

Check out making Mini Mummies (Royal Ontario Museum)

Making mini Mummies and their Cases

Cartouche project

cartouches drying

I do my own cartouche design rather than the one I’ve provided a link to.  After these are dry the students will put their names on them in hieroglyphics and paint them.  The only sad part was some of the Crayola Model magic (which I normally love) was already hardened in the bag and had to be thrown away, so those students will be doing a paper design.  I will need to call Crayola and complain, since I threw away the bags at school instead of saving them to return to the store, and the trash is taken out every night.


Sick Day!  We have been back in school for more than a month and this was my first sick day and hopefully my last for a while.

I left instructions for the sub and got wonderful results from my 2nd and 3rd graders (thank you, substitute teacher, awesome job!).  Next time I see them we will be painting over their underwater scenes, a wax resist, so we can put the ocean onto their papers.

sea life wax resist

The above image is just a closeup of a teeny part.  Their oceans were full of life, schools of fishes, crabs, teasure chests, sharks, really great stuff.

7th grade has been working very hard on their Rhythm, Movement, Pattern project.  Critique was done as a class this week and the projects are waiting to be graded this weekend.

pattern rhythm movement project

One student had a different idea, he may have been gone when we started, not paying attention (sadly), or just had his own thing going.  I was walking around the room checking on them and noticed he hadn’t created his organic shapes in the way instructed and asked if he had something different in mind.  Sure enough, he did and I said he could go right ahead and do it so that I would know what he was planning.

pattern rhythm movement project2

I am glad I gave him the leeway to follow his own idea.  he worked really hard and it will stand out when all the projects are displayed, even though they are all stand-out pieces.

Today was 4th and 5th grade, which have great teachers who are always up for whatever I’ve got and like to collaborate with me so that they can tie the project into what they are learning in regular ed too.  This project addressed the standard of 4th grade students being able to use 1 point perspective.  We may continue this later in the year so that they learn to add perspective to their landscapes OR do a cityscape using a birds eye view.

1 point perspective and a great job coloring it in.

1 point perspective and a great job coloring it in.