This 4th grade project is designed to address the standard of identifying and using positive and negative space.  The lesson plan is already written in this blog, so this is just a picture of one in progress.  I love what the students are doing and the use of color is great.

activating negative space


I’m hoping that everyone has had a chance to come onto the site and check it out.

As a reminder, progress reports need to be sent out by Friday for all students who are failing or in danger of failing.  I don’t think the question “What fits in those categories since we don’t have an A-F report card?” was answered so I will answer it to the best of my ability and what my parameters are.  Any student who is basic, below basic or far below basic will be getting a report card. (a 3, 2, or 1)

My reasoning for this is that a student who is barely meeting our standards and requirements is in danger of slipping down to a failing grade easily if they don’t turn in one large project.

Cityscape Project

By: Ligia Ciotau

Grade level: 5th

Supplies: pencil, ruler, white paper, markers

This project was to demonstrate the idea of space by size and overlapping of buildings. You can see that the further away a building is the smaller the windows and details. Ligia also tells her students to not leave any white, which leads to a very vibrant and colorful result.

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