6th grade students learn a lot about ancient civilizations.  Before the school year began I met with one of the 6th grade teachers and she outlined what civilization they would be learning about each month (or so) and we came up with projects for each meeting.  Currently the 6th graders are just beginning their foray into Ancient Egypt and we have lots of awesome lessons planned for that.

Check out making Mini Mummies (Royal Ontario Museum)

Making mini Mummies and their Cases

Cartouche project

cartouches drying

I do my own cartouche design rather than the one I’ve provided a link to.  After these are dry the students will put their names on them in hieroglyphics and paint them.  The only sad part was some of the Crayola Model magic (which I normally love) was already hardened in the bag and had to be thrown away, so those students will be doing a paper design.  I will need to call Crayola and complain, since I threw away the bags at school instead of saving them to return to the store, and the trash is taken out every night.