We have all started the year and gotten into the swing of things, so tell me, what is your 1st lesson of the year? I’m starting the junior high students off by reviewing the elements of art and principles of design so that they are better able to critiques both their own artwork and the artwork of artists and their classmates. Kindergarten will begin by making a cover for their portfolio, which I will keep in my room all year long so that I can keep track of their development in art. 1st and 2nd will be able to work on different types of line and color projects, 5th grade will start with some simple optical art, 4th grade with color and pattern, and 6th grade will be cutting out symmetrical greek vase shapes (after we review different vase shapes and their purpose) and decorating them with common geometric and organic designs (both reviewed and brain-stormed).

Now it’s your turn to share, what are your plans for the start of the year. Teachers are always looking for new idea;s, so dont’ be afraid to share.

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