Modern Art Project Inspired by the artworks of Piet Mondrian (Grades 1-8)

By Autumn Bates

Some artworks by Piet Mondrian


Introduce students to Piet Mondrian.  For lower Elementary students I would focus on PRIMARY COLORS and VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL LINES for upper Elementary students I would focus on dividing the paper up into segments, making clean lines, and USING A RULER PROPERLY.  I know that measuring is a 3rd (4th?) grade standard, but so many of my students come into jr. high art without the knowledge of how to use a ruler to draw.  For 7-8 I would focus on a BALANCED COMPOSITION and RULER USE.


Lower Elementary: gridded paper, colored markers.

  Begin by filling in a gridded vertical line all the way across the paper with a black marker.  Then pick a horizontal line coming off the vertical line and darken it.  Continue in this manner until they are happy with the results.  Now we begin by picking squares to color in with the red, yellow, blue or leaving in white.  

Middle Elementary: white paper and gridded paper the same size, ruler, scissors, stick glue, red, yellow, and blue colored paper.

On the gridded paper, divide it into sections and color it in the same as the lower elementary project.  Cut out these lines (leaving them all connected) and glue onto the blank white paper.  For Middle Elementary students they could then use the left over shapes to glue onto the colored papers and then cut out and glue onto the white paper in the proper sections.

 For Upper Elementary Students: Do the project the same as the middle elementary students but measure the size of the shapes left, use a ruler to measure that same shape onto the colored paper, then cut out and glue down.

For 7th and 8th grade: Review how to use a ruler.  Start with 3 sketches where they first divide their paper into sections and then color it in and then they pick their best one to make again as a final.  I would prefer to use marker for this project, but any material works.  OR pick one of his more challenging pieces, like Broadway Boogie Woogie to make out of construction paper.