Greetings all!
    Wow! What an encouraging time together!  Don’t forget to mark Monday, August 11, for our next Learning Community gathering! (More later)

    One of the areas of discussion we did not get to touch on Wednesday, July 23, was some ideas for 7th & 8th graders for the beginning of the year. Here is information if you are still need some help. The website for the information behind the “Habits of the Mind”  has charts, lessons… unbelievable resources. (It is also in your book on page 28 – Smart People)  Connect them in an Artful Way and use this as the foundation for your year.  Great way to handle classes until all the scheduling settles down.

Hope this is helpful!  Be sure and check out the blog that Autumn and Ligia have started! I’m off to finish getting my class room ready.

Have a great first week!
Cindy Wildman